the first post (adaptation)

Hello all of you connected people.

My name is Parker J Pfister and I am a photographer.

I have had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember.

Photography is my strength, my weakness, my passion, my addiction, my life.

My beautiful wife Melissa and handsome son Scout support my addiction often falling victim to the click.

I have made images of many things; appealing and appalling.

I have traveled to many places; amazing and strange.

I have met people; extraordinary and shocking.

All from following my love of the ART of photography.

I have made many transitions along the way. From yearbook photographer to wedding photographer, large format to small format, landscapes to portraits, film to digital and back again (partially), and Nikon to canon and back again (more on that later).

I have even sold perfume door to door at my lowest point in my life. thank you to all of my relatives for buying.

As a landscape photographer I cursed at anyone who dare step foot in my frame, spoiling the innocence of the virgin landscape I saw through my lens. There was to be no sign of man. I guess I was a bit of an introvert.

I now find my self lusting for someone, anyone to walk in front of my lens. I crave the photographic interaction; that ever-changing moment that we decide as photographers to stop and save as a memento for better or worse.

I have collected these mementos for many years and have never really felt the need to share them. I have always made images for myself, as if to feed my soul.

I now seem to have that need to share. Enter this blog. A place to find emotions, a place to find inspiration, maybe even a place to find yourself.

The purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts (oh boy), my images, and my stories. It is to be used by brides who want an amazing photographer, an interesting person in search of the perfect portrait, or a photographer in a rut that needs to know that we all get stuck in a rut all the time. If you are none of the above, then this is where you might just find the meaning of life. OK, probably not but you never know.

By the way, just a couple warnings about me and this blog. I can’t type, spell, or gramerize worth a hoot (does gramerize have 2 m’s or 1?), and the stories that you will read in future posts are 80% true 70% of the time. sometimes.

I am adapting. I recently posted my first FB image (friends tell me I can just put FB instead of Face Book). I am new to the “social networked world” so forgive me if I tweet, tag, blog, link, or SEO incorrectly. Speaking of SEO, lets see if it works. Charlie Sheen, Tiger Blood, Adonis DNA. Sorry Charlie I had to do it.

ad·ap·ta·tion modification of an organism or its parts that makes it more fit for existence under the conditions of its environment

Ok, enough for now. That is the most I have ever typed. My two fingers hurt. I promise to keep ’em short and sweet from now on. Unless someone pisses me off.

Keep on clickin’

Parker J