the third post (master)

It’s funny; I am a very personable type of person. I would much rather pick up a phone than to text or email. But when I do text or email I always try to say something nice and pleasant at the beginning. Something like, “Hey Charlie, whats happinin’.” Or “Hello Mr. Sheen, I hope this letter finds you well.” But as I type these blog posts I don’t really know where they are directed. I sometimes feel like I am typing them out to one of my voices in my head. Usually the one that says, “aah come on, it will be ok. You should just do it and don’t worry about the consequences.” You know, the voice you hear and the next thing you know you are rolling someone up in a carpet and looking for a dumpster. I mean, going 26MPH in a school zone. Anyway, where was I, oh yea, I was trying to figure out how to start this post.


Hello world, (we’ll try that one today)

As I said before, these first posts are to introduce you to my life and who I am. More of a personal feel I guess. By now you should already have noted that I am extremely handsome, witty, possess amazing baby making skills, was voted best dad in the world (I have the cup to prove it), can choose the right camera equipment and that I am a jenius. That is what the J in Parker J stands for ya know. What you may not know is that I have two friends that consider me their best friend. Kind of like a bff without the drama to incur later. You know what I am talking about. Enter, the brothers Austin and Marley.(long before the book by the way) But after reading it, he would have been a great double.

They always make me smile. Usually after yelling at them for tracking mud through the house or chewing up one of Scouts toys. But I always end it with a smile. People say that we are a dogs master. Yea right. Who picks up who’s poop? Nuff said.

I made these images over the winter outside after a snow. I put up a white bed sheet (Missy loved that) and let the snow be my reflector. What kind of camera did I use? Well of course I used the right one. I just love these images of the boys. It is their personality.

Stop by anytime. They would love to catch a frisbee!!

Tomorrow we will have a special visit from a world class photographer! Stay tuned…


Keep on clickin’

Parker J



austin & marley, brothers