Smitten with Smitten Magazine! An Editorial and a real wedding!!


Hello world,

A few months back a couple of great friends/kindred spirits/colleagues/buddies and trouble makers ( Richard Israel & The Mighty Timm Young) joined forces for a editorial assignment for Smitten Magazine. I am pretty sure that we broke the needle on the fun-o-meter before we arrived for the shoot at Cabin Bluff. With Teddy Nugget blasting out of the Rover with smoked chicken legs in hand we headed southbound and down outta Charlotte to destinations unknown. (we had some idea but it was a very rough idea)

I realize that Richards blog tells a similar story of this adventure. It was too much fun. There was no jail time though. (not this time anyway.)

Thanks to Billy Reid for his killer dudds, Alexandra Styles for her……well…styles and the Tout Models, Josh, Alejandro, Tripp and Timm. Of course a HUGE thank you to Della McNicholas for creaming up this dream team.

Below are a couple of my favorites that didn’t make the mag….


BUT WAIT! THERES MORE! Hold the press! Smitten also wanted to feature one of my weddings! Sweet! I had the honor to photograph Melissa & Adam’s wedding in Playa del Carmen, Mexico in March. Remember that fun-o-meter needle? Yep, broken again! With my trusty second gunman on the grassy knoll, Craig Strong, we pretty much killed this wedding! Here are a few of my favs of this amazing couple.




See the full issue here!