Parker J’s “not the same old sh*t” workshop is saving lives!

hello world,

This is one of those posts where I have no idea what I am going to write but here comes the flood of ink with no edits. Get ready it could be one big ole run on…

We finished up the first “not the same old sh*t” workshop last week and now I feel empty, but in a good way. Like, I miss all of the personalities and excitement. I miss that kind of awkward beginning of getting to know each other and transforming that into a collaborative project to fuel growth and inspire one another by the end.  The style in which I taught this workshop was to be pretty free and unscripted much like the way I shoot. This left giant holes for stumbles, snaffoos and errors. But, it also left giant holes for the wonderful unexpected. This is what we were after! Without failure we could not have grown like we did last week. I feel that we are all better equipped to tackle anything the image gods throws our way. It was amazing to experience this with everyone on the team. From what I have heard they feel much the same but I don’t want to talk for them. I can not wait to throw out the next workshop date! (very soon and feel free to make date suggestions too)

The first team was amazing and will always push my creativity. I pushed and they pushed back! Their images were just amazing. Keep in mind these were all done in the worst situations I could come up with. Some were made with a lens that they had never shot or practiced with. Just handed and told to shoot one shot. Thats all they got. Or maybe in crappy direct light with silver tinsel over the lens. Or a dark room with a microwave bowl… It was crazy fun

BTW, Sh*t = Shot. Just making a point of art as life and words are interpretive.

A very special thanks goes out to:

The alumni of the first “not the same old sh*t” workshop for trusting me to find hidden doors and kick them open!

Our amazing and enduring models, Morgan Purdy, Jackie Franquez and Matt Evens

The Biltmore Estate for letting us play in your little backyard. Ha

Wedding Inspirations for the beautiful couture white dresses.

Brooke Priddy for her stunning signature handmade dresses

Flora for the amazing floral decor

Makeup at the Grove Arcade for making such beautiful models look even better.

Danielle Travers for super styling of the hair. (although she could do nothing for me)

Lensbabies for allowing us to all see differently.

WHCC for the super yummy Sunday supper club and continual killer prints and service

Asheville Events Company for pulling off the Sunday supper club with perfection

Classic Event rentals for supplying a place to eat in style

Renaissance Albums for the amazing breakfast grub that kept us all going strong and beautiful books that keep our clients in awe

If I have forgotten anyone I am sorry. This was to be a free flowing post…

Maybe images tell the story a bit better. Here are a few of my faves of the teams work and a few of my own. I really didn’t shoot that much. I was just there to make them uncomfortable.