Play Date # 41…going backwards

Hello world,

Today I wanted to share a self assigned shoot I did several weeks back with my good friend and patient model Nicole.  There was really no direction to this shoot until we started. I find almost all of my shoots are this way, even weddings. I hate having an idea going in only to find out , we cant shoot there or the light is wrong or any other thing that gets thrown at you crushing your expectations. I prefer to go in with a loaded camera, a full mind and no expectations. The happy accidents just happen. Let them, my friends. Sometimes I think we miss the REAL picture because we are trying to force a vision.

I knew I wanted to push the little cameras on this one. All images were shoot in jpg on a Sony NEX-7 and a Fuji EX-1. The Fuji can double expose which I loved. The Sony can’t. The Fuji can shoot and SEE square, the Sony can’t (I had to crop) They both preformed well at these iso 1600-3200. The Fuji 35mm 1.4 is SHARP! almost too sharp.The Fuji viewfinder was not fun to look through and had a terrible delay.. The Sony had no delay and looks more real. Could I get use to the Fuji? Of course. I just prefer the Sony right now. These are just my 2 pennies. Put ’em in your pocket or toss ’em out the window for someone else to pick up. Just keep clickin’ Parker J


                   images made with Sony NEX-7 and Fuji EX-1 jpg in-camera double exposures. Polaroid is expired polacolor in my 4×5 Liberator/Aero.

Keep on clickin

Parker J