The Road to Mystic

hello world,

2013 is off and running and I am so excited for this new year of living, family, friends and travels.

I just returned from an amazing journey to Mystic, CT where I was teaching at the Mystic Seminars put on by my friend Walter and Angela van Dusen. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of Mystic you two. I say I was teaching when I was really the one learning! I met amazing people and experienced amazing times. If you ever get a chance to go….GO. It is a great place to recharge and get inspired. Just being around people like Joe McNally, Sue Bryce, Julieanne Kost, Luke & David Edmonson, David Beckstead , Jason Groupp and Rob Greer (just to name a few) is reason enough to go!  Their works and personalities are humbling and inspiring. Check them out if you don’t already know them.

With very little heads up, I invited my good friend Richard to ride shotgun. With out even thinking he said YES! We have the coolest wives in the world! So off we headed with lots of warm clothes and just a destination of Mystic CT. No map, no nav, no appointments and no idea what would happen. Along the way we experienced things that you just can’t plan. Like meeting up with polar bears in NY, cold desolate beaches where tourists usually thrive, whole city blocks on fire, the Bronx and wild stallions.

Well, I’ll just let the images speak now. I’m tired of talking for a while…


Keep on clickin’

Parker J