“not the same old sh*t” Workshop II is in the books!

hello world,

A week ago today 14 photographic souls made the journey to our studio here in Asheville NC seeking guidance, inspiration, acceptance and strength. My hopes are that they found at least one of those or better yet something they didn’t know they were looking for. This is my second NTSOS workshop and I am continually humbled by the growing talent of these groups. We pushed new boundaries and comfort levels. We failed (a lot) and we grew (even more). No one was hurt. I am pretty sure it wasn’t a waste of time. and no I did note pose nude!yikes. These workshops are not about putting students in a line and shooting something the instructor has set up and we all go home with portfolio images. They are about sharing tools and faculty and finding your own unique voice. They are about challenging your comforts and the status quo of photography.
A photographer speaks in images. What do you want to say?

To the 14 dreamers, Thank you for your trust and hunger. Thank you for challenging me and allowing me to share my passion of photography with you. Thank you for teaching me more that I could have possibly taught you. Our family has grown and it will always be in my best week ever!
The cusp is where it’s at!
Below are my favorites of their favorites followed by a slide show of my favorites of my own..Enjoy!

a special thank you goes out to the following. Without you there wouldn’t have been NTSOS workshop2!:

the 14 amazing dreamers
Richard Israel
Jackie Franquez
Morgan Purdy
Trebor Clavette
Joe Linville
Wendy Ballance Makeup
Amanda Hughes Hair
Brooke Priddy dress maker
Tesla Jamison peacock dress
Juniper Cooper/Joti Marra red paper dress
Wedding Inspirations
Stacey Brown (BloomRoom)
The Biltmore Estate
Renaissance Albums
White House Custom Color
Roy Ashen Music
and last but not least…
My beautiful wife Melissa and my patient son Scout.