Another workshop is in the books… 1/?

Hello world,

Last week was a week of decompression mixed with a healthy dose of catch up after finishing up another one of my workshop series here in Asheville. This one was as unique as the folks who trusted in me and flew all the way here to have their “eyes wiped clean” as one attendee described it. If you are not familiar  with the workshop series I put on, they consist of 3 days of challenge based assignments to flush you out of your comfort zone and break you down, followed by sleep deprivation, amazing food and drink and then a rebuilding of your definition of photography. These workshops were never meant to teach you how to be ME or to increase the eye candy in your portfolio. They are simply meant to unlock YOU as a photographer. These are aimed squarely at folks who have been in the photo world for a while, knows what the bottom of a rut really looks like and knows the use of the camera inside and out.  They are designed to make the toughest fail and the bravest cower. Once the wall falls we can truly learn why we are photographers. It is community based. We ALL learn from one another. I select a small group from the applicants that will fit together as a strong group with a like mind.  This time around we had 7 and it was a perfect match. The biggest honor for me is that two of the 7 had already attended my past workshops! This was the biggest complement I could get as an educator. Thank you! I look forward to having these as long as people want to come and have me beat them up. Here are a few of the images from the group. Keep in mind, all of these images are made in a very short time frame (30 seconds from concept to execution) and in some of the most challenging conditions and scenarios. They killed it. We are all seeing a little differently now…More sharing later…

A very special thank you to Morgan & Drew for being beautiful patient models. Brooke Priddy for the amazing custom made wardrobe, Zack at Make UP at Grove Arcade, and Zhenya for the amazing hair! Thank you to my assistant Katie for another well done job! Thank you to my custom book maker Renaissance albums for supplying lunches for the event! Alien Skin Software for the goodies! wink wink And a GIANT thank you to the impressive Albemarle Inn for hosting and housing us all. It was perfection!