Random Wednesday June 28,2017

Here we go! The very first edition of #randomwednesday !
This is where I will randomly scroll through my portfolio of over 1500 images and select one with my eyes closed and tell a little bit about it.

Parker J Iceland Workshop

This image was made just east of Bjarnarhöfn, Iceland in the shadow of one of their numerous unnamed volcanos. I envisioned this shot for months before finding the right location and light. I had already purchased this parachute , helmet and suit months earlier and had drug it to Iceland and all over the country for 3 weeks prior before I passed by this location. It was the perfect spot for a lonely new planet landing. (which was the image i made in my mind)
It had been a long trip and this was the last day of exploration. Everyone was exhausted and pretty cranky by this time. ha! As a matter of fact, the model you se here, the amazing Aubrey Huntley, had crushed her hand, cutting tendons and breaking bones just days before when a huge rock fell. After surgeries in Reykjavik and a full on 1970’s plaster cast she was back at it. The girls got drive! Her broken arm is hidden behind her body for these shots and lots of others you may have seen from this trip.
I did a whole slideshow of this epic Workshop over on youtube. Just search for immaculate iceland if you would like to see it.
Speaking of workshops, I am planning my international workshop In France next spring. Wait till you see the digs I found to spend a week in there!! Email me to get on that list.
Ok, thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!
Sony A7RM2 / 28mm f2 sony shot at f4- iso100- shutter speed at 1/250sec – White lightning 3200 camera right with normal reflector.
So heres the back story to this image and tech notes.