Asheville Portrait Photographer – Baby Parker

Here we go! The second edition of #randomwednesday! This time it is a motion portrait!
This is where I will randomly scroll through my portfolio of thousands of images and select one with my eyes closed and tell a little bit about it.

asheville portrait photographer - baby vu

I am so happy I landed on this image today. This is a portrait of a child. This is a image of adventure. This is a document of a time and place. This picture has so much meaning and will continue to gain its strength through time and generations. This is the beautiful son of one of my past wedding clients (also beautiful!!). I was their wedding photographer in Charlotte, NC. And since then we have become friends as well.  When they had their son they called me from the hospital to give me the good news. The news that struck me the most is that they had named him Parker. Tears followed soon after. I was now their portrait photographer in Charlotte, NC! So this image was taken on his first birthday. For a great portrait session you need not go far or lug around a bunch of props and lights. We just played in the yard where he felt most secure. This image is just peek a boo with nature. I love his dirty little nails and the overall mood of this image. I photographed the whole session with just one camera and lens. I used the Sony A7RII with the Sony 55mmf1.8 lens. Having just one camera, and a small one at that, allows me to keep up with my subjects and be more nimble when I crawl around on the ground or climb trees! I shot everything in B&W jpg and rolled some video at the same time to create one of my motion portrait pieces seen here.  >>

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