Asheville fashion photographer- Maleficent Couture

Asheville fashion photographer, Parker J Pfister makes his one of a kind designs out of nothing but plastic. This is Maleficent Couture.

I have made many of these dresses over the years and they always seem to keep evolving. Even during the process of one dress there are so many evolutions that take place. I start out with a general concept but really have no idea where it will lead. This is my comfort zone. I am comfortable with the unknown. In fact, I embrace it. Sometimes I start out with an amazing long flowing dress and by the time i get done it is a mini dress. Or sometimes I build a couple fans inside of it to make it expand. Either way it is an all encompassing creative event.

These three images are modeled by MaKenzie Coil. Hair style was from Mary Prohaska. Make up was applied by Terran Ward.

For the techies out there: I used a Sony A7RII with the Sony 55/1.8 mounted. These images were shot at iso100 1/160 sec shutter speed at f11. These were all a 4 light set up. Two 1600WS white lightning strobes with 20 degree grids and warm gels were used for rim/kicks and positioned about 45 degrees behind her on right and left. I wanted to warm gel them to continue her beautiful hair color down the side of our dress. The main light was a Norman 40/40  with a projection head to create the round spotlight to light her and make the spot on the background. For the fill I had a 1600ws White lightning hovering above her and slightly forward with a 6′ silver umbrella with a diffusion panel. The smoke was created from a can of Atmosphere Aerosol .

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